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Smallholder farmers are faced with growing crops under increasingly difficult conditions

Across the world, innovations are urgently needed to sustainably increase agricultural productivity, support adaptation to the impacts of climate change, and enhance nutrition security. These are the innovations we will steward from concept to reality.

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Who We Are

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Our multidisciplinary team connects science with strategy to drive impact for smallholder farmers

Gates Ag One is driven by our shared belief with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that all lives have equal value. We are a nonprofit organization focused on the priorities of smallholder farmers, with the goal of delivering impactful agricultural products, services, and solutions that meet their needs.

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How We Work

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We believe the best solutions come from an approach that’s collaborative, inclusive, and transparent

Gates Ag One will catalyze new partnerships across geographies and sectors.

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Join a team that’s forging a new model for product development — one focused on translating the world’s most potentially impactful science into public goods that are accessible where they’re needed most.

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