The path to impact

It begins with thorough problem definition

Our work begins with thorough problem definition examined through a systems lens. We seek to understand how dynamics informed by gender, sustainability, and climate change shape the contexts where we strive to make an impact. What exactly are the constraints affecting smallholder farmers in our focus geographies within Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia? And which of these constraints are we best positioned to engage?

Farmer priorities shape the solution

The solution is shaped by smallholder farmer priorities, first and foremost — never by technology for its own sake.

The result is a custom approach informed by local context. This means it’s different every time. Some interventions may be as direct as advancing improvements for a specific crop. Others could reach further up the value chain, to unlock market opportunities for smallholder farmers that are otherwise not accessible today.

Iteration and collaboration become key 

Gates Ag One will partner widely and creatively to realize each solution we advance. Our work depends on close collaborations that stand to catalyze new relationships among academic institutions, cooperatives, governments, multilateral institutions, nongovernmental organizations, private sector companies, and R&D organizations.

Our processes are iterative and time-intensive. This is why our partner ecosystem must be dynamic and capable of adapting to the work at hand.