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Cambridge Researchers Developing Self-Fertilizing Crops for Africa Receive $35 Million Grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations

A Cambridge University-led project to develop self-fertilizing crops for African farmers has become the latest grantee of Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations (Gates Ag One). The US$35 million (£28 million) grant will support the Enabling Nutrient Symbioses in Agriculture (ENSA) research programme over the next five years. The research consortium focuses on improving nutrient uptake by food plants to reduce the need for fertilizer across some of the world’s most degraded land.
Press Release

International Research Project to Optimize Photosynthesis in Crops Joins Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations Portfolio

Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations (Gates Ag One) has announced its latest grant to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for the Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency (RIPE) project. The project targets improvements in photosynthesis through cutting-edge science after finding that approximately 1% of the energy from sunlight is converted into the growth of crop plants.

Side Event: FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022

Innovation as a Catalyst for Seed System Change: Insect Resistant Cowpea for West Africa

SAMPEA 20-T, a new genetically modified cowpea variety with resistance to Maruca pod borer, has been developed to specifically meet the needs of smallholder farmers.