Qing Wang
“Looking forward, I would love to see climate-resilient crops contributing to more healthy and happy livelihoods for farmers and their families, especially women and children.”

As Director, Intellectual Property for Gates Ag One, Qing supports development of our intellectual property portfolio from identifying an invention, to the patent application phase of a given technology, through to the issued patent. She collaborates closely with our public- and private-sector partners from early discovery through production development to further the commercial adoption of innovations benefitting smallholder farmers.

Qing is an accomplished scientist, a patent agent registered to practice before the USPTO, and an experienced leader of technology alliances for social impact. Her background includes strategic IP development, biotechnology strategy and operations, competitive landscape analysis, negotiation of IP licenses, and management of major cross-disciplinary collaborations in the human, animal, and plant sciences. Qing holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Cell Biology.